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Published: 2017
Number of Artist Proofs: 1
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px
File Format: mp4
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Duration: 3 min 17 sec

Living in Napoli is like living in a short circuit. Napoli is a futurist and surrealist city. Napoli is a complex system. Napoli is pulsating and rotating, it is noise and music, Napoli is loud. To understand it you have to cross it on foot every day. This video is a virtual walk through the city, from Poggioreale to Posillipo, from Scampia to Piazza Garibaldi, from Via Caracciolo to Pignasecca. Among the many European cities Napoli is a glitch, unpredictable, out of the rules and out of any standards. This is Napoli dirty noize tour. The video was created by recording a virtual walk around Napoli on Google Street View. The clips were then post edited in monochrome. The audio is an original recording of the sound of the city, it is the true sound of the streets of Napoli. The video data and audio data were then altered thanks to improper use of software for editing text and audio. What you see and hear are glitch artifacts, no plug-ins were used in the making of this video.

Domenico Barra

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Domenico Barra (b. 1982) is an Italian artist working with new digital media living and working in Napoli, Italy. His works have been published on various sites and magazines including The Creators Project, Motherboard, Hyperallergic, Monopol, Observer, Artribune, Exibart and Digicult. He took p...

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Domenico Barra

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