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Neighbouring Sites

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Published: 2019
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“Neighbouring Sites” is part of Shtohryn’s project «An area of some importance» for digitalartresidency.org where she investigated the history of her family, who were resettled from a Siberian labor camp to an uninhabited area in Kazakhstan in 1957. With the use of google maps, she retraces the migration of her family merging personal photographs with the imagery of sociopolitical events of the time, namely the creation of the USSR’s space launch facility «Baikonur Cosmodrome» and nuclear bomb tests in eastern Kazakhstan.

Letta Shtohryn

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Letta Shtohryn (b. 1986) explores our relationship to the digital realm, post-human thought, human nature and the future. She employs cosmology, future speculations and metaphysical investigations as a method using technology that she finds familiarity with. Letta mainly works in media art, insta...

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Letta Shtohryn

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People were here. Anthroposcenic sites as comfort

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