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Owl's Eye

Owl's Eye

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Published: 2019
Number of Artist Proofs: 2
Resolution: 1800 × 1800 px
File Format: png
File Size: 3.3 MB

This exclusive work is part of the "State of Being" Series by artist Francene Levinson. Owl's Eye represents the determination of the electorate to maintain a watchful vigil over the state of democracy within the USA., post election 2016. The dominant color is blue, cool calm and reflecting the power and wisdom of the people. This work was inspired by the many voices that were heard voicing moral objections.

Francene Levinson

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Francene Levinson lives and works in Puyallup, Washington, USA. She recently exhibited her digital art at the Portland Art Museum, RSG gallery, Portland, Oregon,USA; The California Museum of Art, Thousand Oaks, and Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, California. She is honored to have represented t...

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Francene Levinson


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