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Reality Loading Screen 2 (Paradise)

Reality Loading Screen 2 (Paradise)

Editions available 10 of 10
Published: 2019
Number of Artist Proofs: 1
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px
File Format: mp4
File Size: 843.7 MB
Duration: 5 min 16 sec

.mp4 Created as part of the 2019 show 'Splits' at ODOX, Birmingham, UK. Originally, this work was rendered in 4:3 aspect ratio for displaye on a standard iPad, tp be played on an infinite loop. This 16:9 version is now available exclusively on Elementum, in an edition of 10. The work shown as part of SPLITS is a broad response to the pervasive pathologisation of certain behaviours and thoughts. The artist aims to depict and dissect her experiences within community mental health services following a personality disorder diagnosis in 2018. The works themselves are the product of an artistic exploration of what it means to experience an 'unstable sense of self' — at both a personal and universal level - in the age of Instagram-reality and so-called 'toxic positivity'.

Bex Ilsley

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Bex Ilsley (b. 1988) is a transdisciplinary artist. Her artistic work spans video, photography, performance, VR, installation and sculpture. She employs fantasy, performativity, objecthood and paradox as a lens through which to examine the authenticity of the self we advertise to the wider worl...

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Bex Ilsley

Reality Loading Screen 1 (Seed)

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