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Published: 2018
Number of Artist Proofs: 2
Resolution: 3840 × 2160 px
File Format: png
File Size: 7.0 MB

This exclusive work is a digital print version of "trifling matters" by Sanglim Han. "trifling matters" is originally created as an experimental game that explores a virtual space through non-linear narratives. The artist imagined the situation that she was crash landed on the 3D digital planet like "The Little Prince." The viewer meets the short text - the artist's narration - at this landscape of digital galactic desert.

Sanglim Han

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Sanglim Han (b. 1987) explores disembodied, fragmented, and interstitial bodies. Through performative media, she creates a site for fluctuating identities where our personal and social experiences are revisited and boundaries are convoluted. Her works have been presented internationally at variou...

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Sanglim Han



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