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Published: 2018
Number of Artist Proofs: 9
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px
File Format: mp4
File Size: 684.2 MB
Duration: 10 min 58 sec
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Together with the actress Martina Momo Kunz different video scenes were developed. They are adapted and inspired by her play "The Beast in you". In a non-chronological narrative, the figure of the Joker, which occurs as a personified suicide, illuminates the incompleteness of a being, that is destined to oscillate between life and death, beginning and end, and past and future. The figure quarrels with its inner dark side and asks about the value of one's own existence. Ana Hofmanns works express interest in organic, artificial and digital matter, and in particular how these forms of life communicate.

Ana Hofmann

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Ana Hofmann (b. 1987) lives and works in Zurich. She exhibited at Kunsthalle Zürich, Helmhaus, Art Basel Hong Kong. 2017 she won a Grant from City of Zurich for a half year Residency in New York, where she stays in 2019. She is currently teaching at the School of Art and Design in Zurich (F&F). F...

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Ana Hofmann


Editions 5 of 5


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