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Venus Iteration

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Published: 2017
Number of Artist Proofs: 2
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px
File Format: mp4
File Size: 295.5 MB
Duration: 8 min 3 sec

This exclusive work "Venus Iteration" by Sanglim Han explores the human body at micro and macro levels as an ecosystem full of trans-species entanglement. 3D models of microbes have been digitally animated using Sandro Botticelli’s iconic Venus (c. 1485 C.E.) as the starting point. The video zooms into the newly created Venus and navigates the virtual ecological community inhabiting the body at the microbiological level.

Sanglim Han

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Sanglim Han (b. 1987) explores disembodied, fragmented, and interstitial bodies. Through performative media, she creates a site for fluctuating identities where our personal and social experiences are revisited and boundaries are convoluted. Her works have been presented internationally at variou...

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Sanglim Han



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