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Georg Bak

From Switzerland, Zurich, Zurich
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Georg Bak is an art advisor and curator, specialised in digital + generative art, vintage computer art from the 1960s and contemporary photography. Bak served in senior positions for Hauser & Wirth in Zurich and London and as an art advisor at LGT Bank in Zurich before running his own gallery SCHEUBLEIN + BAK in Zurich for seven years. He was curatorial advisor to RARE Art Festival 2 in New York, the Art + Fintech 2.0 conference and the Vancouver Biennale in 2020/21. He is a curator of MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art), a founding board member of AIS (Art Identification Standard) and an advisor to CADAF (Contemporary & Digital Art Fair).

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Japan Series by Michel Comte - 12 May

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Georg Bak

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Michel Comte

Imperial Sakura

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