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Martin Lukas Ostachowski

From CA, Quebec, Montreal
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A new media and crypto artist based in Canada, Martin Lukas Ostachowski (b. 1984) explores geometric abstraction and minimalism using physical and digital languages through the use of technologies like blockchain. Ostachowski was always interested in digital art and with the introduction of Blockchain he started tokenizing his artworks and using technology; such as laser cutting, plotting, as well as incorporating graphic design software, in the actual process of making new art. That time he also awakened a passion within him to educate people about blockchain. "From the clearest of skies to the most obscure technical insights, from woven and cut-out pieces to coded algorithms: that's a glimpse of where Martin Lukas Ostachowski can lead you with his geometric abstraction and minimalism, always at the quest of a renewed discovery." — Chiara Braidotti, Curator MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art)

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Martin Lukas Ostachowski

Immutable Node Symphony

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