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elementum is the home of exceptional art. We empower artists and art enthusiasts to buy, trade and exhibit art online. Our curators select established and emerging artists from all over the world for our platform.

Your art collection

With elementum you can start your personal art collection today. Simply browse the artworks, find the piece you love and buy it with a click. All you need is a credit card or or a crypto wallet with ethereum. You have access to your collection from anywhere with any connected device.

Blockchain technology - #NFT

Blockchain technology enables you to make transfers simple and secure and to keep track of your artwork. Provenance, ownership and each transaction are registered on the blockchain. For each edition, we create a unique NFT (non-fungible token) which represents your certificate of authenticity. You can easily transfer your NFT in your wallet or offer it as a gift. Just ad the wallet adress, where you like to transfer the artwork.

The Platform

There is no art without our artists. elementum is the preferred platform for digital artists because there is no easier way to bring artwork directly into living rooms, lobbies, and restaurants. .


The elementum family consists of artists worldwide who engage in digital art of all kinds. We currently work with 50 artists with unique artworks. We are happy to welcome new artists into our family. Send us a message at [email protected].

Art Enthusiast

Enrich your life with unique art that belongs to you. Display your personal collection at home, in your office, in your vacation home or any of your mobile devices.

Art Collector

A collection has no value if you can't resell it. By withdrawing your token (NFT) into your private crypto wallet you can resell your artpiece on the secondary market (e.g. OpenSea).

Business Owners

elementum brings lobbies or hotel rooms to life with visionary digital art. Business owners can stream their art portfolios, as well as messages, to guests though our business signage solution.

The Ecosystem

We built the platform with blockchain technology to ensure a safe and decentralised marketplace for creators and lovers of art. It is built on three main pillars.

Art Database

High resolution pieces of art are stored in a fast and secure cloud infrastructure ready anytime for you to browse, select and display your personal investment in art.

Art Registry

Artwork, edition and all your transactions are registered on the blockchain in form of a NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This allows you to prove ownership and provenance of the digital artworks in your elementum collection.


With elementum we have built one of the most user-friendly platforms. Payment is possible both by credit card and cryptocurrency. Prices are quoted in US dollar and converted to the current value in ETH at the time of purchase. Upon payment, our smartcontract converts the cryptocurrency received directly back into a digital form of the U.S. dollar and automatically transfers the corresponding amount to the artists.

Our Curators

Our Curators make the difference. They make the elementum collection the outstanding assembly of artworks by proposing artists who are contributing to the platform. Together they make it a unique experience for artlovers and collectors. We are currently expanding our network and are looking forward to working with curators worldwide. Please feel free to contact us if you are a curator yourself.

Marlene Wenger

Marlene Wenger

Marlene is a curator based in Bern, Switzerland, who is interested in how digital technologies in the 21st century influence the production, perception and distribution of contemporary art. Her previous curatorial work has dealt with topics such as artificial intelligence, online self representation and body images in social media. She finished her PhD in art history on the topic of postdigital display strategies in contemporary art at the University of Bern and is currently working as a scientific associate at Kunstmuseum Bern and ZHdK.

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Armin Blasbichler

Armin Blasbichler

Armin Blasbichler is an architect, artist and academic based in Basel, Switzerland. Alongside to his artistic practice he has held leadership positions at Universities and Art Schools across Europe for more than 15 years. Fascinated by the disruptive potential of blockchain-mediated art and design he started investigating this nascent space since 2017. He is a consultant for startups and institutions operating at the forefront of digital culture.

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Georg Bak

Georg Bak

Georg Bak is an art advisor and curator, specialised in digital + generative art, vintage computer art from the 1960s and contemporary photography. Bak served in senior positions for Hauser & Wirth in Zurich and London and as an art advisor at LGT Bank in Zurich before running his own gallery SCHEUBLEIN + BAK in Zurich for seven years. He was curatorial advisor to RARE Art Festival 2 in New York, the Art + Fintech 2.0 conference and the Vancouver Biennale in 2020/21. He is a curator of MoCDA (Museum of Contemporary Digital Art), a founding board member of AIS (Art Identification Standard) and an advisor to CADAF (Contemporary & Digital Art Fair).

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Christina Scheublein

Christina Scheublein

Christina Scheublein (M.A. and DLT-Talent) is an art advisor and curator, specialized in digital + generative art and contemporary photography. Since the past seventeen years she has been working in the field of fine arts with expertise in modern and contemporary art and founded her own gallery in Zürich. She was employed in auction houses and museums around the globe. Since more than three years she is working in the blockchain space. “I am convinced that blockchain will disrupt many industries and brings new opportunities to the traditional art market by democratizing it.“

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Our Apps

New technology brings art directly on your screens since 2019. We keep working on our products to simplify your elementum art experience as we grow. We are delivering your collection instantly to your livingroom, business lounge or holiday home.


elementum is available on Swisscom IP TV since 2019. You can find it under "Schweizer Apps".

Web App

Our main application is a browser-based web app with full functionality.

Coming soon
  • Viewer app to make sure you can enjoy your purchased art on as many devices as possible (Android, Apple, Samsung and more) by dloop

elementum is a brand by Swiss company dloop Ltd. We created the marketplace to connect artists and art enthusiasts in a simple, secure and transparent way. elementum is the new matter in the recently forged decentralised art world and the home of exceptional born-digital art secured in NFTs. dloop started as a Swisscom Kickbox project powered by rready.

dloop Ltd.

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