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Christina Scheublein

From CH, Zurich, Zurich
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Christina Scheublein (M.A. and DLT-Talent) is an art advisor and curator, specialized in digital + generative art and contemporary photography. Since the past seventeen years she has been working in the field of fine arts with expertise in modern and contemporary art and founded her own gallery in Zürich. She was employed in auction houses and museums around the globe. Since more than three years she is working in the blockchain space. “I am convinced that blockchain will disrupt many industries and brings new opportunities to the traditional art market by democratizing it.“

Drops Presented by Christina Scheublein

Dan Holdsworth Genesis Drop

3 Artworks

Christina Scheublein

Artworks Presented by Christina Scheublein


Dan Holdsworth

Argentiere Glacier 1-35, Continuous Topography series 2016-2022

1 of 1 Editions Available

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