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ByBoris Eldagsen

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Boris Eldagsen's NFT, "Origami (PSEUDOMNESIA III | Muse III)," is a 10-second 4K loop that explores pseudo-memories through generative art and AI. The term "PSEUDOMNESIA" refers to fake memories, and Eldagsen's work combines 1940s photography with abstract art history, bridging the generative art of the past with today's AI capabilities.

The creative process is intricate, involving #textprompts, #blend, and #imageprompts to guide AI. #Inpainting and #outpainting techniques refine and expand the visual narrative. The result is a mesmerizing loop featuring origami aesthetics, where abstract shapes and colors evolve, representing transient beauty.

Accompanied by Tanvir Taolad's sound design, the piece offers an immersive experience. It challenges us to consider the malleability of memory and perception in the digital age. Eldagsen's innovative approach pushes the boundaries of traditional art, inviting us to explore the ever-evolving world of creativity and technology.

"Origami (PSEUDOMNESIA III | Muse III)" isn't just an NFT; it's a glimpse into the future of art in the digital age, where past and present converge to reshape our understanding of reality. It's a visual and auditory journey that transcends time, offering a tantalizing vision of artistic expression in the modern era.

About the artist

Boris Eldagsen, a German artist born in 1970, is a trailblazer in the realm of art, photography, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a background in photography, art, and philosophy, Eldagsen has developed a unique, multidisciplinary approach to crafting compelling visual narratives. He draws inspiration from the subconscious, venturing into uncharted territory by harnessing AI to generate photorealistic images that he aptly terms "images." These creations, though visually akin to photography, transcend traditional photographic boundaries.

Eldagsen's artistic vision has captured global attention, with exhibitions in prestigious galleries like Fridericianum Kassel, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, and the Vanabbemuseum Eindhoven. His talents were officially recognized when he secured the Prix Voies Off in 2013, cementing his status as an artist with a distinctive perspective.

In recent years, Eldagsen has embraced the potential of AI as a creative tool. Since 2022, he has delved into the world of AI-generated images, meticulously refining the results through techniques such as In- and Out-Painting. This integration of AI into his artistic process has prompted intriguing discussions about the evolving definition of photography and the influence of technology on artistic expression.

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