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ByRobert Hruska

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Róbert Hruška creates digital artworks that immerse the viewer into a mesmerizing landscape. Almost like a macro photography, these images visualize different digital textures that one assumes to exist as particles of our everyday technologies.

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About the artist

Robert Hruska is a contemporary artist and visual designer residing in Prague. Working with digital abstractions, motion graphics and experimental animations.

Group Exhibitions: 2018: Paris, Villette Makerz, Blue x80 2018: Zagreb, AKC Medika, fu:bar 2017: UK, Clinic, London Design Festival 2017: Croatia, Galerija Siva, fu:bar 2017: California, FicSci, Free the pixels 2017: Minnesota, Gamut Gallery, GAID 2016: Croatia, AKC Medika, fu:bar

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Robert Hruska

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98 of 100 Editions Available

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