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Cloud Canyon (Learning Nature b65c,7000,3)

Cloud Canyon (Learning Nature b65c,7000,3)

ByDavid Young

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This exclusive work is part of the "Learning Nature" series by David Young. Is it inevitable that only our largest organizations, with their vast data sets, will decide how we will use AI? What if instead, what if we could start small and work at the scale of the personal? David Young’s "Learning Nature" uses AI (GAN) to generate images based on his own photographs, here from a Hollywood canyon on a cloudy day. With intentionally small data sets, the system, severely crippled by the standards of "normal" AI, struggles to understand. Nothing that emerges is accurate, but the work isn’t asking for accuracy — it’s asking for the machine to build its own unique vision of the natural world. The slow pace asks us to pause and reflect on AI and its relationship to nature.

About the artist

David Young (b. 1964) has spent his entire career at the leading edge of emerging technologies. His current work explores how beauty and aesthetic experiences can give a fresh start to how we think about new technologies. This work, which uses AI and machine learning, is a return to his roots where he began his career at the height of the 1980’s AI boom. David has a masters degree in visual studies from the MIT Media Lab, and a bachelors degree in computer science from UCSC.

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0 of 7 Editions Available

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