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ByJoern Bielewski (Shortcut)

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This abstract video artwork is dealing with the constant change, that we experience in our lives, while we often forget, that the big picture remains unaffected. Energies move from blue to yellow (and vice versa), which changes the image and its expression, but the total amount of energy remains in balance. While we start to notice repeating patterns in this meditative loop, our awareness and growing experiences constantly let us perceive the details differently and bring us closer to the overall picture at the same time.

An important part of this process is triggered and underlined by the soundtrack composed and produced especially for this artwork by my son Rama Bielewski, who studies Media Art at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

The video has been upscaled to HD using artificial intelligence (AI). Special thanks to Luluixixix for providing additional loop smoothing with her video-loops code.

About the artist

Joern Bielewski (*1969) lives and works in Germany. He is selling blockchain secured digital editions of his works since April 2018. He was part of DAO Osaka (in collaboration with KnownOrigin and MetaCartel), Pancakes & Booze Art Show in San Francisco (at the Makersplace booth) and one of the 13 cryptoart collaborators of the historic AsyncArt kick-off work "First Supper".

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