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ByFlorian Reinhardt

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Snapshots of exit signs: Over a period of nearly ten years, Florian Reinhardt captured a total of 1,024 examples of this genre around the world with his iPhone camera. Intentionally affectless, depersonalized, and repetitive, these photos offer a concentrated view of these ubiquitous and universal signifiers in a world awash with signs. Reinhardt explores the meanings of this signage by giving special attention to industrially produced, practical objects. His photographs function like an inverted telescope, highlighting details and placing them in a personal, narrative context.

About the artist

Florian Reinhardt has 20 years of experience in Film business. He became one of the most successful TV producers in Reality Shows, which isn’t his dream. The missing freedom of his childhood inspired his love for stories and pictures. Words are beautiful. Pictures even more. His passion for capturing one special motive over all his years traveling is now grown to a huge collection. He shot over 1.000 EXIT signs. It started in South Beach Miami. An EXIT sign with two lights on top, one broken - this EXIT sign reflected how to keep up: physically present, mentally not. EXIT.

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Florian Reinhardt


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