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Hanging Tubes

Hanging Tubes

ByJonas Baumann

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The work "Hanging Tubes" refers to paintings by Salvador Dalí and Yves Tanguy and uses modern day technologies to bring "living" surrealism to digital canvases that we call screens. To the timeless nature of virtual worlds, the work „Hanging Tubes" becomes a piece of conserved eternity and places itself between classic paintings and post-digital video works.

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About the artist

Jonas Baumann (*1983) belongs to the first generation of artists, who made their earliest steps on digital and analog playgrounds at the same time. With his work he fathoms the gap between the tactile, analog artwork and the disembodied techno-images behind the smooth glass of our computer screens.

Jonas Baumann graduated from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Illustration in Lucerne in 2010 with a Master of Arts in Design. His videoclip for Klaus Johann Grobe’s “Discogedanken”, released in August 2018, was selected for "Best Animated Music Videos" at the 26th Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2019. His work was recently exhibited in group exhibitions such as “P2P” by Hermann Germann Conspirators (2018), “Die Form des Klangs” at HeK Basel (2018), and “OOO Object Oriented Ontology” at Kunsthalle Basel (2017).

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