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Based on the theories of Max Bense and Abraham Moles, the first generative works of art were created in the 1950s and 1960s. One of the founding fathers of computer art is Frieder Nake (a former student of Max Bense), who designed his first programmed plotter drawings at the Technical University of Stuttgart in 1963 and visualized them on the “Graphomat” (ZUSE Z64) drawing machine. Nake dedicates his Genesis NFT “Homage to Gerhard Richter” to the painter of the century, Gerhard Richter, in his most recent work of art. One of Frieder Nake’s best-known works is the “Hommage à Paul Klee”, which was created in 1965 and paid tribute to the Bauhaus artist by the principle of chance. “Chance is better than me”, Gerhard Richter was once quoted when he made colour charts based on algorithms. In Frieder Nake’s homage, an algorithm continuously generates Richter’s striped images in endless variations.

About the artist

Frieder Nake belongs to the founding fathers of digital or, better, algorithmic art, which was called “computer art” when it emerged in the first half of the 1960s. He produced his first works in 1963. He first exhibited his drawings at Galerie Wendelin Niedlich in Stuttgart from 5 to 26 of November, 1965.

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