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Leap 322

Leap 322

ByAaron Huey

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On the far edge of the map in Cryptovoxels there is a Test Island. There is no way to jump off the edge of the world itself but this edge of the test Island is the farthest jumping point. In this word I cannot carry a camera so my entire body is a camera (my head is a large format camera and body and limbs are tripod legs). Born out of a National Geographic magazine assignment to explore the far edges of virtual worlds, bringing back photographs made with virtual cameras.

About the artist

Aaron Huey is a photographer and new media artist, he has created over 30 stories for the National Geographic magazines including several cover stories , and is also leading new projects for Nat Geo from VR and AR to metaverse spaces. He is currently on assignment for Nat Geo in the metaverse, photographing (via his many avatars and various virtual cameras) the far edges of virtual worlds. Huey is a three time Stanford Fellow, a current artist in residence at, and was recently named a Stanford Starling Lab Fellow where he is mapping Web3 ecosystems and new frameworks for data integrity, specific to photography.

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Aaron Huey

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1 of 1 Editions Available

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