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Micro Arts Grid 88

Micro Arts Grid 88

ByGeoff Davis

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A grid image composition of 88 highlights from the history of Micro Arts Group, founded by Geoff Davis in 1984 in London.

"Micro Arts Grid 88" artwork nods to Beeple's "Everydays: the First 5000 Days" grid image (auctioned at Christie's 2021) while providing a longer timeframe (1983-2023).

A fascinating array of historical computer and digital art, the artwork showcases the original generative art code from 1983, along with the sets of generated art, conceptual art, and story generators originally on data cassette and Prestel teletext.

Micro Arts MA1 "Abstract Originals", Geoff Davis, MA2 Various Unusual Events, Geoff Davis, MA3 Martin Rootes, and MA4 Story Generator, Geoff Davis, were released 1984-1985. Micro Arts was on Prestel Micronet until 1991. The print Magazine and the first Quantel Paintbox artworks are from 1984.

Bringing it up to date, the Micro Arts book, 3D cube videos and VR gallery images are from 2019-2023.

Each of the 88 images is 1024 x 768 pixels. This is an enlargement of the original micro computer TV display at 256 x 192.

About the artist

Geoff Davis (b. 1957) is a generative artist who founded the Micro Arts Group in 1984, with the goal to support artists and make computer art accessible to the public, as inspired by the London experimental film and video scene.

With Micro Arts Geoff Davis released a series of computer-generated conceptual art pieces and story text generators on data cassettes and Prestel TV Teletext. Davis also provided a forum for computer artists and musicians, with a print magazine and articles and downloadable software on Micronet 800 on Prestel. Micro Arts was revived in 2019 by the Computer Arts Archive (part of the Computer Arts Society CAS and BCS) and has had exhibitions in Leicester and London UK.

Geoff Davis is an Artificial Intelligence researcher in the ethical use of generated text at the University of the Arts London UAL. He has worked for the UK’s innovation trust Nesta, developed ‘eco’ buildings, and was a founder member of the UK’s Sustainable Development Commission SDC. His fiction has been published by PEN International.

Davis is currently working with the CAS for two online talks on “AI and Art,” and “AI and Text”. Davis is the editor of a forthcoming book on AI and Creative Writing.

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MA1 “Abstract Originals”: Data

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