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ByReinhold Knapp

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This work by the artist Reinhold Knapp pays homage to Mondrian and at the same time should be viewed with a wink. It caricatures the fast and problem-free reproducibility of any information on the Internet: every 2 seconds a new "Mondrian" (well, not always, sometimes something is wrong with the colors, but what does the computer understand about art?). However, only the idea is reproduced, because every image displayed on the screen is an original. And thanks to the 17 combined random number generators in the original algorithm, the same work (original) will be produced in 1.9 * 10 ^ 21 years with a probability of 2.5 * 10 ^ (- 29). Unfortunately, the earth has ceased to exist for eons of years.

About the artist

Reinhold Knapp (b. 1942) lives and works in Erlangen, Germany. He studied electrical engineering and computer science, worked as an advertising manager and filmmaker, founded the multimedia agency "Dialog Design" in 1982 and has been working as a freelance artist for more than 20 years (painting, videos, multimedia, digital art). His socially critical works mostly find their place in public exhibitions and museums.

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