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ByStephan Bruelhart

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PLAYFIGHT transfers Greek mythology into the present - the questions have remained. Whether Black Lives Matter, Covid or Antigone, the questions have remained - it's about power or powerlessness. Even as a child, I loved storytelling. Greek mythology tells of the complexity of human destiny, of conflicts that we must face. It portrays the need to constantly reinvent ourselves in a constant process of self-questioning. This thought inspired me to create the 5 VR scenes. With VR glasses the images can be walked through like stages and allow different perspectives...

About the artist

Stephan Bruelhart (*1953) lives and works in Windisch, Switzerland and Berlin. With his analogue and digital art, SB playfully questions the digital age. He makes use of the almost inexhaustible pool of images that the tools, media and art history hold in store, creating a collage-like syntheses by deconstructing motifs and recontextualising them in new images. The result is enigmatic, humorous works that oscillate between abstraction and figuration and appear like sequences from a dream. Stephan Bruelhart studied in Basel and Berlin. In 1983 he completed his master's degree at the UDK in Berlin and worked as a professor of media education at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW in Basel until his retirement in 2019.

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Stephan Bruelhart

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