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The Reaction Orchestra

The Reaction Orchestra

ByAlexander Mordvintsev

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"Reaction Orchestra" is an interactive generative artwork that offers a virtual reality experience, allowing users to conduct visually stunning Turing patterns produced by the reaction-diffusion system. As users immerse themselves in this digital realm, they gain a deeper understanding of the principles of self-organization, as the patterns emerge from simple rules and interactions. The beauty and complexity of the patterns are both mesmerizing and thought-provoking, inviting users to explore the potential of emergent phenomena in the natural world.

About the artist

Alexander Mordvintsev (b. 1985) is a researcher and artist working and living in Zurich, Switzerland. He is known for the creation of DeepDream algorithm, that inspired the new wave of artists, experimenting with AI. Alexander is looking for artistic capabilities of AI, that were not originally thought of and intended by its creators. His artworks were shown in the following recent exhibitions: Barbican Centre, London, since May 2019, Art Fair Zurich, 2018, September 2018, Gray Area, San Francisco, CA, March 2016.

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Alexander Mordvintsev

DeepDream Origins #6

1 of 1 Editions Available

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