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Thödgal 4K

Thödgal 4K

Bymatteo zamagni

Thödgal : Tib. ཐོད་རྒལ་, "Leaping Over the Skull" This exclusive 4k video by Matteo Zamagni is a CGI experimentation on 3D fractals; It consists of creating a tangible 3D voxelization of the fractal structure using a specialised software, delimitating what's ouside the shape from the inside;

Video : Matteo Zamagni Audio Soundtrack by TSVI

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Matteo Zamagni is an Italian born, new media artist and director based in London. He uses technology as a tool to create Immersive and interactive videos, Installations and performances. His research stands between spirituality, art and science to create works that explores themes of consciousness, the body as perceptive interface, the expansive impact of mankind on the ecosystem as well as the recursive relation of natural phenomenons spanning across the observable world.

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