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1. September 2022

Collect The True Pioneers

We are pleased to share with you that elementum is becoming the first curated NFT marketplace with a particular focus on historical digital art and the great visionaries of contemporary digital art. Georg Bak has been appointed as the Head of Art Strategy at elementum and will oversee the curatorial program. Together with co-curators, Georg Bak wants to allow collectors to collect the true pioneers who created historical and important art. Our next drop will be dedicated to Hein Gravenhorst (*1937), a co-founder of generative photography.

Alongside Gottfried Jäger, Kilian Breier and Pierre Cordier, Hein Gravenhorst exhibited his photomechanic transformations in 1968 at the exhibition "Generative Fotografie" at Kunsthalle Bielefeld. Inspired by Herbert W. Franke, whom Gravenhorst met in 1964 for the first time, and his publication "Kunst und Konstruktion" ("Art and Construction"), in 1957, these artists coined the term "Generative Photography" which would become the first attempt in the history of photography to implement a systematic digital process in the creation of photographs.

Hein Gravenhorst has exhibited his artworks in major digital art exhibitions in the dawn of computer art, such as "New Tendencies IV" in Zagreb in 1968 and the "Wege zur Computerkunst" show in 1970. Hein Gravenhorst’s career as an artist lasted from 1965 until 1973, before he dedicated his life to spiritualism and the Taoistic healing methods. Hein Gravenhorst’s artworks can be found in many prominent art collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. His artworks resemble the Op Art movement of his contemporaries, such as Bridget Riley, and show proximity to the psychedelic visual effects and counterculture movement of the 1960s.

elementum will be releasing a curated selection of five NFT works, which Hein Gravenhorst created between 2019 and 2021, and will become available as unique, from an edition of 5 and an edition of 10 at various price points.

“... I would like my pictures to be allowed to speak for themselves and their effect can be realized in the viewer by looking at them properly." —Hein Gravenhorst (July 2022)

Hein Gravenhorst’s works can be described as "emotional - sensual - rational", to which the expressive, organic and the constructive correspond as pictorial-formal possibilities. Since 2001, Hein Gravenhorst created purely digital works on the computer as a continuation of generative photography. The images bear no titles or series designations, and Hein Gravenhorst deliberately refrains from describing the images.

The artist sees his works as "energy fields" that enter into spiritual communication with the viewer.

Explore a curated selection of historical NFTs from the co-founder of generative photography, Hein Gravenhorst, exclusively only on elementum (click here).

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* Ether prices marked with an asterisk are estimates only, as they are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The final Ether price is determined upon checkout.