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5. November 2022
Artist Interview

Creator of DeepDream algorithm, Alexander Mordvintsev, releases three new NFTs on 18 November, 2022

We are delighted to announce that Alexander Mordvintsev will be releasing three new NFTs on the elementum platform on Friday, 18th of November.

Each unique NFT comes from Alexander Mordvintsev's latest body of work titled "Autumn Life", which is inspired by the autumn forest and its delicate inhabitants. Alexander Mordvintsev created these NFTs using a cellular automata based artificial life simulation.

An early pioneer of digital art, Alexander Mordvintsev, is renowned for his scientific research at Google on visualizing deep neural networks. The artist became well known for his invention of the Deep Dream algorithm, a special form of artificial intelligence that he launched in the summer of 2015. Alexander Mordvintsev's DeepDream algorithm inspired the new wave of artists, experimenting with AI.

Alexander Mordvintsev is internationally exhibited, selected recent exhibitions include the Barbican Centre in London (May 2019), the Art Fair Zurich (September 2018), and the Gray Area in San Francisco, (March 2016).

Explore some clip images from the upcoming NFT release below:

Alexander Mordvintsev Clip from "Autumn Red", 2022 Unique NFT mp4, 0:59 seconds

Explore here

Alexander Mordvintsev Clip from "Autumn Yellow", 2022 Unique NFT mp4, 0:59 seconds

Explore here

Alexander Mordvintsev Clip from "Autumn Wave", 2022 Unique NFT mp4, 0:59 seconds

Explore here

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