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13. October 2022
Panel Talk NFT Gallery

Historical NFTs presented by NFT Gallery inauguration at Zurich Airport, The Circle 18, in Zurich, Switzerland.

On September 28th elementum opened a physical NFT gallery at the Zurich airport where we present four artists who make historical NFTs. The NFT Gallery is a 380-square-meters pop-up at the Zurich Airport, The Circle 18. We designed it as a place we hope you want to visit, meet friends and spend time surrounded by some of today’s best digital art. The exhibition has more than 24 screens and a VR installation. Here you can immerse yourself in the world of historical and contemporary works of digital art.

Our residency will durate until 24th of December, 2022.

Thank you to our partners: Zurich Airport | aroma | screenpro | Kate Vass Galerie | SNOWCASH

Installation shots: Photography by Noe Rieder and Noël Gygax. Courtesy of elementum

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