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2. November 2022
Artist Interview

Ganbrood's first Ethereum NFT Collection coming to elementum

Bas Uterwijk (b. 1968, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands), professionally known as Ganbrood will release his first NFT Collection registered on the Ethereum blockchain on November 11th exclusively on elementum. The curated selection of these works come from Ganbrood's recent series titled 'S O M N I V M' (Latin for dream) and will entail the release of 11 NFTs; 9 of which are unique artworks and 2 from an edition of 3, created with generative adversarial networks (GANs).

When one looks at 'S O M N I V M' they are faced with visuals reminiscent of the Art Nouveau era and appearance of classic Japanese prints. However, the subject matter and action of these works deal with future-forward and sci-fi elements, which may seem as cinematic productions which take place in an alien space and perhaps ahead of our time.

Ganbrood uses GANs to interprets and synthesize photographs that a camera could have never recorded and depicting people that never lived. Equipped with a background in special effects, 3D animation, videogames, and photography, Ganbrood's technical abilities allow him to create a unique image through his use of combinig init images and prompting to get a result that is sometimes fed to a second algorithm. Finally, as a photographer, Ganbrood works on post-production to adjust, among others, the color and contrast degree of his compositions.

"Like the invention of photography had an enormous effect on traditional painting at the start of the 20th century, probably even leading to rise of abstractism, I am sure AI will, in a similar way, stimulate and provoke more traditional arts into new and unknown territories. Cross pollination with other disciplines is already happening and we are just at the beginning of what I think will be the most defining movement in art of this century." —Ganbrood

Ganbrood's NFT drop on the Ethereum Blockchain is coming to elementum on Friday, 11th of November, 2022 at pm CET Explore here

You can now add the drop date to your calendar, link here

*Please make sure to open an account on prior to the drop releases.

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