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2. November 2022
Artist Interview

"Liebe Maschine, male mir" opening reception

Last week, it was with great pleasure that we opened the "Liebe Maschine, male mir" group exhibition. The artworks displayed span over five decades of algorithmic art, as created in the early 70s to today's NFT drops on the Ethereum Blockchain and on the elementum platform. Featuring artists include pioneers and founding fathers of digital art such as Frieder Nake, Herbert W. Franke, Manfred P. Kage, and co-founder of Generative Photography Heinrich Gravenhorst, together with contemporary digital artists working within the algorithmic art registered on the blockchain such as Alexander Mordvintsev, Ganbrood, and Espen Kluge.

NFT drops:

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Picture from the opening include the artists that were present: Frieder Nake, Ganbrood, and Alexander Mordvintsev, as well as the co-curators of the show Georg Bak and Kate Vass, as well as our guests during the opening reception.

All pictures are by © Noe Rieder Courtesy of elementum

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