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3. January 2023

Meet The Team: Dimitria Markou

This New Year at elementum started with a brand new edition of “Meet the Team”, where you get to meet the people behind the platform that only offers you important and historical NFTs. This entry is on Dimitria Markou, who supports the team as the Projects & Communications Manager. Dimitria has worked at many international galleries such as Gagosian (in New York and London) and Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (in London). Within her past role as an Executive Assistant to a Senior Director and Artists Studio Liaison, Dimitria sharpened her project and exhibition management skills while working on global commercial and museum exhibitions for artists such as Damien Hirst, Adrian Ghenie, the Donald Judd Foundation, and the Estate of James Rosenquist among others. Before joining elementum, Dimitria worked as a Communications and Partnerships Manager for a fine art editions house - where she experienced the craze of NFTs for the first time.

Q: What was the first NFT you bought/got gifted (by whom) and when? Dimitria: My first NFT was a work by Pak from his "Lost Poets" series, at the end of summer 2021, which I left as a "Page". Looking back at it now, I wonder into which Poet it might have been converted into...   Q: What is your favourite NFT drop and/or project by elementum? Dimitria: What I appreciate at elementum is its connection to the history of art and the new discoveries one makes, especially within the Generative Photography field that has been hidden away. I find the Genesis NFT by the Heinrich Heidersberger Estate very poetic and aesthetically attractive, the abstracted shapes are seductive and reminiscent of the figurative works Heidersberger has pictured ranging from staircases to female nudes.

Image below by Heinrich Heidersberger, titled "03782_000_037" Explore more works by Heinrich Heidersberger on the secondary market, link here

Q: What did you do before you joined elementum? Dimitria: I have been with elementum for almost a year now and before that I worked as a Communications and Partnerships Manager at an eCommerce limited fine-art editions house, also based in Zug, that finances the production of many "blue-chip" artists and their editions manufacturing. They also carefully work on the global strategic market and sales allocation of these works. It was a very exciting environment which gave me a fundamental understanding on how the editions industry operates. One finds many similarities between NFTs and the editions industry.   Q: What attracted you to the space and why is that? Dimitria: Having followed Damien Hirst's market for the past years, it was an exciting move when he announced the release of his Genesis NFT "The Currency". I found the project highly conceptual and alluring to the space. When a titan of contemporary art joined the dialogue, it became clearer to me that NFTs will be a crucial part of the history of art. Also, I find very refreshing how humble, supportive and "WAGMI" thinking the NFT community is.  

Q: Who is your favourite NFT artist and why? Dimitria: There are a few artists that I really love and cannot see them leaving my collection, which includes Alexander Mordvintsev; I think he is such a brilliant and pioneering artist and skillful scientist, and Snowfro (real name Erick Calderon) - I am in love with my minted "Chromie Squiggle". For me art is a language and a great artist is communicating through his own language, which is his art.

Image below: Clip from Alexander Mordvintsev's "Fungi Kingdom" (mp4) Explore more works by Mordvintsev link here

Q: What is your favourite quote/observation about the NFT space? Dimitria: I recently saw on Twitter "I got 99 problems, but ether ain't one". It made me laugh.   Make sure that you follow Dimitria on social media: LinkedIn, here Twitter (@dmjtita), here Instagram (@dimitria.eth), here

PFP by Murakami.Flower #5199 Takashi Murakami

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