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18. November 2022

Meet the team: don__genovese

We are very excited to introduce a new series on the elementum blog section, titled “Meet the Team” where you get to meet the people behind the platform that only offers you important and historical NFTs. This entry is on "don__genovese", a former athlete who turned big on digital art and NFTs.

Q: What was your first NFT purchase? don__genovese: The first NFT I bought was a  Pepe on counterparty, because I was curious about blockchain — I thought these are such ugly frogs and NFTs are impossible to buy, so I just left them there.

Q: What is your favorite elementum NFT drop? don__genovese: I love Hein Gravenhorst on elementum, as I love his energy and his work.

Image above is of Hein Gravenhorst and the image below of his work "Zebra 2-a2" which was part of his Genesis NFT drop on elementum. Hein Gravenhorst's works are sold-out in the primary market, but you can explore his secondary market on OpenSea, link here.

About the artist: Hein Gravenhorst (b. 1937) is a co- founder of the Generative Photography movement and has exhibited in major digital art exhibitions in the dawn of computer art, such as “New Tendencies IV” in Zagreb in 1968 and the “Wege zur Computerkunst” show in 1970. Gravenhorst’s artworks can be found in many prominent art collections worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. His artworks resemble the Op Art movement of his contemporaries, like Bridget Riley, and show proximity to the psychedelic visual effects and counterculture movement of the 1960s.

Q: What did you do before you joined elementum? don__genovese: I played tennis for most of my career and I love working on passion projects - collecting and celebrating the space.

As seen above together with Serena Williams.

And image below during the Phillips London exhibition and auction of "Ex-Machina: A History of Generative Art" curated by Georg Bak.

Make sure that you follow don__genovese on: Twitter, here

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