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18. November 2022

Meet the team: Tom Rieder

We are very excited to introduce a new series on the elementum blog section, titled “Meet the Team” where you get to meet the people behind the platform that only offers you important and historical NFTs. Our first entry is on Tom Rieder, the Co-Founder of elementum, and Managing Director of Tokengate.

But firstly, the PFP that Tom Rieder uses is this work by Domenico Barra, Tom tells us about his choice "one of my favorit pictures I use as PFP is The Ghost by Domenico Barra, actively interacting - but you cannot always see him. That's me".

Q: What was your first NFT? Tom Rieder: My first NFT was Wasteland Edition N1 by Alexander Mordvintsev, May 2019

Clip of the mp4 NFT by Alexander Mordvintsev Wasteland, explore the work here

Q: What is your favourite NFT drop by elementum? Tom Rieder: At the moment I'm very fond of Dan Holdsworth's “Acceleration Structures”. It allows us to see Europe’s most sublime glacier landscapes in radically new ways. I display it all the time on my screen in the living room. It looks really amazing. A modern and at the same time timeless piece of an endangered space. I love the mountains and the work makes me dream of Mountains.

Clip from artwork by Dan Holdsworth Argentiere Glacier 03, Acceleration Structures series, 2018-2022 NFT drop curated by Christina Scheublein Explore the work here

Q: What did you do before you joined elementum? Tom Rieder: I was Head of Partnership and Events at Swisscom.

Q: What attracted you to the space and why is that? Tom Rieder: since I was a teenager I was very attracted to art and created a lot of works myself. The vision to fill black screens with art and enrich our life with inspiration and affordable art brought me to launch elementum.

Q: Who is your favourite NFT artist and why? Tom Rieder: There are so many artists who do amazing artworks: Kim Asendorf, Richard Nadler, Ata Bozaci, Dom Bara, Stephan Bruelhart, Kevin Abosch. I can not mention the one and only. What impresses me is that each developed his own recognizable style and aesthetics.

Q: What is your favourite quote/observation about the NFT space? Tom Rieder: My belief is that the journey has only just begun.

Artwork by Domenico Barra "The Ghost" from 2018 Explore the work here

Make sure that you follow Tom Rieder on social media: LinkedIn, here Twitter, here Instagram, here

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