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6. May 2022
Artist Interview

Michel Comte | Online now all 14 unique NFTs from the “Japan Series”

The time has come to reveal all 14 Genesis NFT drop by renowned artist Michel Comte. The “Japan Series” is conceived as a continuation of Comte’s cinematic film “The Girl from Nagasaki”, a melodramatic tale of love and despair.

In many of the images of Comte’s Japan Series, a productive friction arises between the meticulous and symbol-laden styling of both subject and surrounding, and the seemingly unknowable if not feral core of the protagonists. Because of this duality, Comte’s images are not only a feast for the eye, but an invitation to our imagination.

Comte has ‘always been obsessed with film’, especially with the likes of Antonioni, Pasolini, Bertolucci, Tarkovsky, and Kurosawa. Having spent most of his life behind the camera, it is only natural that Comte has come to think in pictures.

Interestingly, despite his penchant and pronounced talent for elaborate mis-en-scène, he never let go of the incalculable feral element in all of us. On the contrary, it is the friction between image and being that interests him.

Discover all of Michel Comte’s Genesis NFTs via the link here

The Drop is on Thursday 12 May 2022 Join our Telegram group link here

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