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21. October 2022
Artist Interview

New NFTs by HEIN GRAVENHORST coming 28 Oct. 2022

Following a sold-out Genesis NFT drop by Hein Gravenhorst this summer, elementum is delighted to announce two new NFTs by the German artist to be released on our platform this upcoming Friday, 28th of October, at 5 p.m. CEST.

One of the three upcoming NFTs is called “flowerflow” and Hein Gravenhorst entered into an artistic cooperation with the Berlin based film cutter bndberlin.

Below you can find clip images from “flowerflow”, which was created in 2016, as an NFT (ERC 721) and minted in 2022. This unique generative artwork is an mp4, which durates 3 min 16 sec and will be listed at $2,500.

The image below is also a clips from “translation-0004-1.5”, a kinetic work which was created in 2022, as NFT (ERC 721). This generative artwork comes as an edition of 3 and is an mp4, which durates 6 min 48 sec and will be listed at $650.

To make sure that you are able to purchase these works, we advice you to register to the website and create an account priot to the NFT drop date.

ABOUT THE ARTIST In 1968, the artists Kilian Breier, Pierre Cordier, Hein Gravenhorst and Gottfried Jäger initiators of the exhibition "Generative Photography”, made their first public appearance in the Kunsthaus in Bielefeld. In their works, the participating artists deliberately refrained from of any kind of reproduction of extra-visual reality in their works. Photomechanical transformations, chemigrams, luminograms and pinhole structures presented a non-representational, systematic-constructive photographic visual language. Through their proximity to number, system and programme, generative photographs also built a bridge to the computer-based art of their time. Its hallmark is the methodical approach in the sense of a scientific experiment.

Hein Gravenhorst's photomechanical transformations can now be regarded as a significant model of this movement. With their geometric clarity and transparency, they set a historical sign. They were created with technical means at the height of their time, with optics, chemistry and sophisticated trick film mechanics according to the "state of the art" at the time, in which the computer did not yet play a role. They are unique works based on analogue multiple exposures on a photochemical image carrier. Their aesthetic concept is openly revealed and shows designs that are coherent in themselves. Their process of creation is comprehensible step by step. There are no metaphysical shadows.

Since 2001, purely digital works have been created on the computer as a continuation of generative photography. The pictures have no titles or series designations and the artist deliberately refrains from describing the pictures. He himself sees them as " energy fields" that enter into spiritual communication with the viewer.

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