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2. May 2022
Artist Interview

NEWS: Genesis Drop of Michel Comte on elementum

We are proud to announce the first NFT drop of Michel Comte, here on elementum, with works from his acclaimed “Japan Series”, a visual continuation to his cinematic film “The Girl from Nagasaki” launching on May 12, 2022 on elementum. The drop consists of 14 unique NFTs and a physical component as the Edition Box; entailing all 14 fine art prints, numbered and signed by the artist.

“The Japan Series is really an essential part of my DNA - the story of The Girl from Nagasaki. It is an opera, it is really about life, it is a tragedy in a way. But, I think it is something very close to so many of us and it is also aesthetically very beautiful.” —Michel Comte

Image: “Imperial Sakura”, 3 April, 2017/2022 © Michel Comte. Courtesy of

Image: "The Bath", 22 November, 2016/2022. Previously published in Vogue Italia 2017 © Michel Comte. Courtesy of

Image: "The Girl from Nagasaki (Bondage)" 13 November, 2010/2022 © Michel Comte. Courtesy of

Image: "The Girl from Nagasaki (Echoes)" 17 October, 2010/2022 © Michel Comte Courtesy of

*Image:“The Girl from Nagasaki (Liberation)” 7 October, 2010/2022 © Michel Comte Courtesy of

Shot in the swimming pool of the infamous John Launter house in Los Angeles*

“It is almost a natural evolution. (...) When the NFT started I think it was extremely great democratisation of art and I think art should be democratic, it should be for everybody. (...) The NFT will put some order into the system, it will regulate the market in an intelligent way.” —Michel Comte

About Michel Comte

Michel Comte (b. 1954) is a highly polyvalent artist who has been working across a variety of genres and media throughout his life. A world-renowned photographer, shooting for high-end fashion magazines and blue-chip brands from the late 1970s onwards. Throughout his career as a photographer, Comte has pursued various projects of social urgency, such as the documentation of conflict in war-torn countries like Bosnia, Rwanda, and Iraq in the name of the International Red Cross and his own non-profit organization. In 2013, together with his wife Ayako Yoshida, he directed and co-produced the feature film The Girl from Nagasaki, a modern reinterpretation of Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. In 2009 he officially withdrew from fashion photography and devoted himself to the creation of artworks.

More details of this exclusive NFTs drop will be revealed soon. Join our Telegram group to stay up-to-date with the upcoming reveals. Link here

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