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13. October 2022
Artist Interview

Punycodes 2011-2017: Exhibited for the first time IRL in Switzerland

Punycodes have been a breath of fresh air in the historical NFT space. Confirmed and logically derived artistic intentions, fair distribution, and the ethical approach to the original creators make the collection unique and approachable. The members of the community are welcoming, have immense respect for artists, and are in it for the art and for the history.” —Chainleft (Chainleft.eth)

Punycodes, 2011-2017. Exhibited at NFT Gallery from 28 September until October 26, 2022.

Punycodes are arguably the first art NFTs dating back to 2011. These artworks are emojis, ASCII art and words encrypted in the Punycode language on the Namecoin blockchain. There is a current debate on the questions whether these are NFTs and whether they are regarded as art. Some NFT archeologists would classify them as the cave paintings of crypto art, as valuable archeological artifacts on the blockchain.

Some of the 10 Punycodes 2011-2017 exhibited at the NFT Gallery include:

The “Punycodes Exhibition” NFT

To commemorate and celebrate the first IRL exhibition of the Punycodes 2011-2017, we minted a collection of 100 NFTs of the Punycode invite card, which was created by halluciphile (2017-06-27).

Explore on OpenSea link here.

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