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31. August 2022
Panel Talk


A big thank you to everyone that attended our NFT Late Summer Party yesterday and helped make it such a success! We had the pleasure of welcoming 200 guests, who enjoyed NFTs in real life during one of the last sunny and warm evenings of the summer.

We were thrilled to open the exhibition with a keynote presentation by Ryan Zurrer, followed by an introduction to the show by the co-curators; Lukas Amacher and Georg Bak.

The exhibiton included historic NFTs: Three Cryptopunks and impressive works from NFT OG's like Beeple, IX Shells, Refik Anadol, Mad Dog Jones, Blake Kathryn, Forgotten Runes, Maxim Zhestkov, Larva Labs, Tom Sachs and Snowfro.

Accompanying the show, we dropped Aaron Huey's Genesis NFT "Camera Study (Off-World)" on which sold out within minutes. This new body of work by Aaron Huey was born out of a National Geographic magazine assignment, where Aaron Huey explores the far edges of the metaverse, bringing back photographs made with virtual cameras.

The exhibition will be on view until Friday, 9 September at unpaired gallery in Zug.

Courtesy of NFT ART ZUG | NFT Late Summer Party 2022 Photo: Shkelzen Konxheli

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