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2. November 2022
Artist Interview

Upcoming NFT drops | Ganbrood, Alexander Mordvintsev, Manfred P. Kage

Make sure that you right-click and save our upcoming NFTs drop as it will include historical NFTs by OGs from the digital art landscape, including GANs pioneer artist, Ganbrood. We are delighted to onboard Ganbrood on elemenetum and launch his first NFT collection registered on the ethereum blockchain following the merge; from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) making ethereum minting and transfer transactions 99.5% more sustainable.

In addition, we will onboard pioneer of Generative Art Manfred P. Kage, who illuminates the unknown and hidden, the exotic ornaments of life and metamorphoses of our world, the inevitable connection of our human existence with nature and the cosmos- embedded in the "all-encompassing rhythm of chaos and order."

Furthermore, we are thrilled to present Alexander Mordvintsev with three new works from his latest series titled "Autumn Life". The visuals are created by a cellular automata based artificial life simulation and are inspired by the autumn forest and its delicate inhabitants.

NFT drops:

You can now add these dates to your calendar, link here

*Please make sure to open an account on prior to the drop releases.

All NFTs are currently on view in the "Liebe Maschine, male mir" group exhibition at the NFT Gallery, in collaboration with Kate Vass Galerie.

On view until 24 December, 2022 open daily from 12-7 pm

Zurich Airport The Circle 18 CH-8058, Zurich

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