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#1041 VOICE GEM - IZAYUS (7th Portal)

Presented byGeorg Bak

This exhibition revolves around one work - the “#1041 VOICE GEM - IZAYUS (7th Portal)”, as it is considered to be the most significant digital art history piece that was created for a global audience on the internet. The 7th Portal is a work that we are proud to immortalize as an NFT. Taking the form of #1041 VOICE GEM, a rotating VOICE GEM while pop culture icon Stan Lee narrates as Izayus in episode one of 7th Portal; the world's first "webisode" which was created in 1999 and coincides with the first publicly used term to describe an animated series on the internet: "This universe we inhabit is merely one of many in the vast⁠ multiverse each exists in its own dimension where time and space interact with infinite possibilities. —IZAYUS, from 7th Portal as narrated by Stan Lee in 1999⁠ Decades later the same quote contains the same curiosity and contemporary feeling. Through the visual transcription of the narration and Izayus's voice, the VOICE GEM acts as a vehicle to offer an algorithmic presentation and an extension to the rich history of cymatics art and intertwine the constant surge of humans to communicate through a universal language. A hidden treasure, with the #1041 VOICE GEM NFT we aim to inspire a new generation to join the dialogue and Stan Lee's vision of the metaverse, the then brand-new World Wide Web, as was foreseen decades ago by Lee. The VOICE GEMS project archives the most remarkable, influential, and critically endangered voices on Earth using the Voice Gems system. The bespoke VOICE GEMS System created by Reeps100 (Harry Yeff) and Trung Bao generates digital gemstones and physical sculptures using captured voice data, almost like a voice fingerprint.

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#1041 VOICE GEM - Izayus (7th Portal)

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