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ByBård Ionson

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This exclusive 4K artwork with sound represents an awareness of the battles in modern technology. Where brands, countries, ideologies & organized crime compete for allegiance. Using art, history, finance, education, news, war, social media & religion - learn to hold your own. The artist created this by hand drawing images for each cell. They were converted to sound waves, manipulated with signal processing and then played on an oscilloscope. The artist is inspired by the history of technology from the battledore tablet used to teach the alphabet to the first computers used oscilloscopes for monitors and how technology has come to dominate the lives of most humans.

About the artist

Bard Ionson is a CryptoArt OG who began using NFT technology in 2018 to produce generative art. He has exhibited internationally in Tolmezzo, Italy, New York City, Manchester UK, Miami, London, Dubai, Paris, Riyadh, Manassas, VA. His work is in the permanent collctions of Museum of Crypto Art Paris and Museum of Crypto Art NYC. Techniques include using Ai, oscilloscopes, scanners and sound to create visual art and installations.

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Bård Ionson

Dancing Cubes Of Sound

0 of 2 Editions Available

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