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Bed-Sit Annunciation

Bed-Sit Annunciation

ByTrygve Skogrand

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This work is part of the series "Nativity" by Trygve Skogrand. Skogrand has been working with digital art since the late 1990s, often as collage works where different layers of symbols are combined. In the work "Bed-Sit Annunciation" we see the Virgin Mary as a young girl in a simple bed-sit, receiving her heavenly message with wonder and surprise. In the "Nativity"-series, Skogrand was inspired by old religious paintings, re-interpreting the message by placing the holy characters into photographs of our own commonplace surroundings.

About the artist

Trygve Skogrand (b. 1967) lives and works in Asenfjord, Norway. After originally educating as a Civil Engineer, he has been working as an artist using computers as his artistic tool since the late 1990s. Skogrand's works have been exhibited in Oslo, Trondheim, Malmö, London, Edinburgh and Berlin, and been published as several art books.

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1 of 1 Editions Available

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