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Cosmologies: Laboratories (Sphere6)

Cosmologies: Laboratories (Sphere6)

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Published: 2021
Number of Artist Proofs: 1
Resolution: 1920 × 1080 px
File Format: mp4
File Size: 38.2 MB
Duration: 0 min 31 sec

AvantGarden Cosmologies show a series of worlds filled with proto machines and other supporting Internet-of-Things network actors. By diving in between threads, paths, sphere-nodes and proto-machine nurseries, we witness variable atmospheric conditions controlled by a multitude of actors. Underground and aerial hotspots and diverse water flows and fountains uncover complex poetic and vibrant playgrounds. Like mythological Arcadian meadows as places for people from all walks of life, the Epicurus school of philosophy called the Garden or a Taoist philosopher’s garden, these out of the ordinary places that we temporarily inhabit have their own rules, gravity, time and ecosystems. Like noospheric playgrounds and laboratories, they offer us the option to step out of everyday routines and enter a place of probabilities, for thinking, feeling, sensing of and about the world – our world, and possibly other worlds, derived from our own, improved, imaginary yet real.

Tanja Vujinovic

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Tanja Vujinovic is a visual and sound artist who has exhibited new media artworks internationally for 25 years while exploring subjects of play, identity, and synthetic Other using virtual reality, digital sculpture, game engines, and electronic music. She graduated in Painting from the Faculty ...

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Tanja Vujinovic

Cosmologies: Laboratories (Sphere 17) Dark Loop

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