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Published: 2021
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Resolution: 2160 × 3840 px
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What did the first flower that appeared on planet earth look like? This question can be answered through platonic, universal forms, mythological forms that kept reappearing throughout art history, or algorithms that nature uses in constructing biological forms. Mythology, religion, and popular culture abound in the symbolism of plants, which independently or intertwined with other living existing or imaginary forms perform various functions in culture. They are at the same time protectors, guides, but they also intimidate with their not completely revealed alkaloid contents and the effects they leave on our senses. While alluring but also essential for human survival, the first flowers may have existed up to 100 million years ago, and many paleobotanists work on the puzzle of how the first flowers looked like.

Tanja Vujinovic

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Tanja Vujinovic is a visual and sound artist who has exhibited new media artworks internationally for 25 years while exploring subjects of play, identity, and synthetic Other using virtual reality, digital sculpture, game engines, and electronic music. She graduated in Painting from the Faculty ...

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Tanja Vujinovic

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