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ByManfred P. Kage

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Acquisition mode: LM polychromator

Magnification: n.d.

Among the most important pioneering works and inventions of Prof. Manfred P. Kage was the "Polychromator," a kind of optical synthesizer for microphotography, invented in 1957, which is still unique worldwide. Manfred P. Kages created crystal-optical pictorial works of the series "Microverse of Crystals" with the help of his polychromator. Kage had always made it his artistic and challenging task to uncover the aesthetics of the tiniest micro-worlds visually and to bring them tangibly to the viewers of his works, to make the invisible and the hidden visible and to let the microcosm merge with the meso- and macrocosm. Kage illuminates the unknown and hidden, the exotic ornaments of life and metamorphoses of our world, the inevitable connection of our human existence with nature and the cosmos- embedded in the "all-encompassing rhythm of chaos and order."

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About the artist

Manfred P. Kage (*1932 - 2019) lives and works in Weißenstein (Germany)

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10 of 10 Editions Available

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