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ByJonas Wyssen

This work is part of the [ untitled ] series. This piece owns an inherent digital patina similar to analog painting styles. /flow is a natural form that gets its cracks in a virtual environment. It flows in form and ever-changing colors, emulating the analog chromatography effect in time-lapse.

In addition, every collector receives a limited glicée print on archival paper (50x70cm), signed by the artist. The owner will also order his chosen color by emailing a screenshot of this animated token. Their patina gives the impression of having manifested something digital.

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Jonas is an interdisciplinary designer living in Switzerland. After a polygraph apprenticeship, he founded his graphic design studio. Along with commissioned work, he edited and published an independent art magazine with friends. After further education in Interaction Design, he became a Senior Interaction Designer at a large corporation, where he created their digital design guidelines. Then he worked in a self-managed organization without management and became part of a larger think tank, resulting in co-founding several start-ups he now sold. As a Digital Designer, he published a printed book about the state of flow. His recent work [ untitled ] has no assignment or client. Instead, it rises by an intrinsic drift.

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Jonas Wyssen


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