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Glitched Woman With Bow #2

Glitched Woman With Bow #2

ByMarjan Moghaddam

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"Glitched Woman With Bow #2" is derived from Marjan Moghaddam’s "#GlitchSculpted diane-ii-louvre-museum-low-definition.stl 3dscan, for #FakeEaster/Ishtar Facebook Meme Day, after" animation on Instagram, a widely shared Net Art project which she created in April 2018. Using Marjan’s technique of Chronometric Sculpture, the classic statue is transformed through time, glitching, and 3dimensional sculptural transformations that explore an art historical repertoire in addition to the aesthetics of digital plasticity. Part of a pair, this second animation includes 6 transformations as unique works of digital art, forming a longer visual narrative that blends the dialog of classic art with 21st century aesthetics.

About the artist

Marjan Moghaddam (b. 1961) is a pioneering, award-winning, digital artist and animator who lives & works in Brooklyn. Hailed as a “trailblazer in the world of digital art” by the Herald Tribune and “The First lady of animated painting” by the Examiner, her work has been exhibited at galleries, museums, Siggraph, and numerous festivals, and held in private and institutional collections, and funded by organizations such as the Rockefeller Fund. Since 2016 she has innovated a Net art project with her Mixed Reality #Arthacks on Instagram which have gone viral with millions of views on top art channels, and were shortlisted for the International Digital Sculpture prize in 2017. These hacks radicalize curation, while democratizing and extending the digital art space as an intervention and disruption. Most recently she exhibited her renowned signature style #digitalbodies as AR-based projects at the Smithsonian Museum and the 836m Gallery/art foundation.

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