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perpetual browse_r_2 (excerpt)

perpetual browse_r_2 (excerpt)

BySandra Crisp

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This exclusive work is by Sandra Crisp. 'perpetual browse_r (excerpt)' uses newsreel and documentary video fragments gathered from online searches populate dynamic virtual structures. Forming a browser-type interface between real and imaginary virtual worlds which is saturated with information in constant flux. 3D video clips stitched together over time mirror how we browse the Internet – Immersed in transient online information and continually switching between one web page or app to the next. Processing eclectic data and visuals as we go. Borrowed clips include themes such as environmental/climate events, protests & border surveillance. Also AI (Artificial Intelligence) related themes such as supermarket self-service checkouts, GAN images, Amazon warehouse robots and Google voice assistants which are increasingly interacting with 21st Century life and often operating autonomously from behind-the-scenes or remote locations.

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About the artist

Sandra Crisp (b. Cheshire, UK) studied art Foundation at Chester College of Art. She earned a BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Printmaking) Leeds Polytechnic (1989) and MA Fine Art Printmaking Wimbledon School of Art (1993). She has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally and taught in various London-based colleges. She was elected as a member of The London Group in 2018.

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Sandra Crisp

perpetual browse_r

28 of 30 Editions Available

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