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perpetual browse_r

perpetual browse_r

BySandra Crisp

28 of 30 Editions Available

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This exclusive work by Sandra Crisp uses fragmented news clips of political worlds, dramatic climate related events and screen-casts of scrolling search engine results are captured online, and edited – Then texture-mapped onto blocks of 3d rendered multiple cubes. Each clip and 3d object represents an event in time forming ‘memory surfaces’ collecting the mass circulation of images and information – Browsing online, we rapidly flit between one screen and the next, trying to absorb the saturation of visual information that pervades our virtual lives.

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About the artist

Sandra Crisp (b. Cheshire, UK) studied art Foundation at Chester College of Art. She earned a BA (Hons) Graphic Design (Printmaking) Leeds Polytechnic (1989) and MA Fine Art Printmaking Wimbledon School of Art (1993). She has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally and taught in various London-based colleges. She was elected as a member of The London Group in 2018.

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Sandra Crisp

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27 of 30 Editions Available

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