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rotation - 02

rotation - 02

ByHein Gravenhorst

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Since 2001, Hein Gravenhorst has been creating purely digital works on the computer as a continuation of generative photography. The pictures do not bear titles or series names, and the artist deliberately refrains from describing them. He himself sees them as "energy fields" that enter into a spiritual communication with the viewer. In the animation of 2022, the formerly trained trickfilm animator Hein Gravenhorst entered into an artistic cooperation with the Berlin based film cutter bndberlin.

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Hein Gravenhorst studied photography from 1953-1955, graphic and industrial design from 1955-1957, and film technology from 1958-1960 in Berlin and Munich. He has been a lecturer in photography at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences 1970.

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Hein Gravenhorst


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