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Void Form #b3-19

Void Form #b3-19

ByEmiliano Zucchini

The digital void continues the research in the affirmation and experimentation of itself as a form. This intent, already shown and investigated in the previous video artwork "Void Form", is here emphasized and diluted in a more fluid and invasive expansion. The checkered pattern, which in computer jargon represents emptiness, stretches and distorts itself, expands and contracts, driven by the search for another dimension.

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Emiliano Zucchini (b. 1982) lives and works in Rome. His work is represented by the Valmore Studio of Art in Vicenza. His works are present in private collections and museums as Tate Gallery Archive in London and MART Museum in Rovereto. He has exhibited at MACRO Museum of Rome; Triennale Museum, Milan; FILE Electronic Lainguage International Festival, Sao Paulo (Brazil); The Wrong Digital Biennale, Digital Art Biennial.

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